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Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Prineville, OR


 Finding the right storage facility can be difficult. This is especially true for individuals looking for temperature controlled self storage. At Secure Storage, we value your valuables. So we've taken extra measures at our facilities to ensure their preservation. All of our storage units are already designed to control dust and reduce moisture to prevent mildew, but we take it one step further with our climate-controlled storage units -- the only amenity of their kind in Prineville.

No matter what's happening outside – rain, snow or summer heat – our climate controlled units remain a comfortable 55 to 65 degrees all year long. And we adjust the temp based on external conditions, so they're air conditioned storage units in the summer and heated storage in the winter. In addition they are humidified to control moisture. This type of self storage is perfect for those items that need a little extra care when you store them.

Not sure if climate controlled storage is right for you? If you need to store any of the following items, we recommend storing them in a climate-controlled storage ​facility:

  • Important documents or papers
  • Office equipment like printers, fax machines, scanners and more
  • Household items such as fridges, washers/dryers and air conditioning units
  • Electronics like computers, cameras, stereos, tablets, TVs and DVD players
  • Media including DVDs, CDs, video games, vinyl records and more
  • Musical instruments, including pianos, guitars, brass and more
  • Antiques, which are especially sensitive to climates
  • Photos you wish to keep for a long time
  • Books and artwork that need preserving
  • Leather items including clothing or furniture
  • Furniture made of fabric, wood and metal
  • Medical and pharmaceutical supplies
  • Anything with water or liquid

When assessing your items for a climate-controlled storage, consider their properties. If something is made of wood or metal and has leather or delicate fabric, it's likely a good fit for a climate controlled unit.

Likewise, anything that could be damaged in extreme cold or heat while in storage should be in temperature-controlled storage. The list we provided above is just a starter for assessing your items, and we're happy to help you decide which storage unit is best for you when you contact us.

We even recommend our customers use our climate-controlled storage units to store their wine if they don't have sufficient wine storage at home. According to popular opinion, a consistent temp at around 55 to 65 degrees is perfect conditions for most wines.

And bonus: our climate controlled units protect against other elements that wine enthusiasts care about like UV rays and vibrations.

So if you want to ensure your items are protected from warping, cracking, mildew, rust and more, reserve one of our climate-controlled storage units in Prineville, Oregon. And don't forget to check out the other storage unit options and sizes we have, too, such as our RV Storage in Prineville. 

We hope you choose Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Prineville, Oregon.
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