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Indoor Car Storage in Prineville Keeps You Ready to Cruise


Don't let your valued vehicle collect dust just sitting outside. Whether you're looking to store an extra vehicle, a classic car or just need a protected space for the season, our car storage keeps your ride in tip-top shape and ready to cruise.

Here's what you get with our indoor car storage units:

  • Multiple sized units that accommodate many sizes of vehicles
  • Steel walls, concrete floors and a roll-up door to drive in and out
  • Secure storage systems with personal electronic access and unit alarms

Our car storage units keep your vehicles clean and dry. We know our customers love their rides, and we want to protect them against the things that depreciate their value or result in repairs.

You can store your car for any reason, including:

  • Protection against de-icing compounds found on the roads at winter
  • Preserving the paint job from harsh weather conditions, dirt, leaves, birds and more
  • Keeping rodents and insects from making a home in your parked car
  • Shielding the interior from direct sunlight that could cause it to fade or crack
  • Maintaining the tires in good condition so they don't blow
  • Avoiding the rust that comes with outside weather

Some customers use our car storage but still take their vehicles out for regular spins, while others leave them sitting for a little longer.

If you're in the latter camp, here are a few tips for prepping for long-term vehicle storage:

  • Give the car a thorough clean and wax
  • Oil and filter changes are a good idea
  • Add fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer
  • Check fuel lines and anything that could leak
  • Ensure the right levels of fluids all around
  • Disconnect the battery or take it out
  • Crack the windows slightly to maintain air flow
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Consider wheel blocks and release the parking break or put it in neutral

So whether you're a weekend cruiser, a road-trip warrior or a classic car enthusiast, our auto storage units keep your vehicles pristine until you're ready to roll. Come by and check out our car storage units in Prineville, Oregon. Also, if you need something larger like a recreational vehicle stored, we have RV storage in Prineville as well.  

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